Embark on a transformative language learning experience with “Mes Petits Cahiers de La Bulle de Français.” This unique & beautiful workbook is not just about French. It’s about creating a connection, a journey, a mindful experience.

What’s Inside:

Progressive French Texts: Immerse yourself in carefully crafted texts, progressively challenging your language skills. Advanced words and expressions are seamlessly explained within the context, enhancing your comprehension.

Audio Recordings: Elevate your listening skills with accompanying audio recordings, tune your ears to the nuances of the French language.

Guided Meditation: Experience mindfulness in your language journey.

Journaling Prompts: Reflect, express, and internalize your thoughts in French, reinforcing your language learning on a personal level.

Creative Prompts (Art Thérapie): Unleash your creativity through art therapy exercises designed to enhance your language absorption.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Downloadable and printable, your workbook is a portable companion that fits into your schedule. Whether at home or on the go, you have the flexibility to learn at your pace.

PDF format, audios hosted on Soundcloud and downloadable, 30 pages (format A4).